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Aluminum Fences Is ‘The’ Fencing Option in Chicagoland

Aluminum Fencing has made itself the choice for ornamental fencing because of the simple fact that it does not rust. Yes, aluminum does not rust; it is immune to corrosion making it significantly more appealing than traditional iron fencing. Why has the industry not completely switched to aluminum versus wrought iron? Because of cost and strength, but both have significantly improved over the last decade. Recently, the cost of aluminum is more comparable to iron and because of that, it is more affordable to produce thicker more durable raw materials to manufacture posts and sections.

  Aluminium Fencing also offers many custom made fencing.

Maintenance-Free Vinyl Fences Available in Chicagoland

   Affordable, versatile and durable vinyl fences are smart options for homeowners today that are seeking the security and privacy that quality residential vinyl or pvc fencing can provide. Red Cedar Fence Co has successfully planned and completed numerous vinyl fences large and small in the Houston, Chicagoland area area. Red Cedar Fence Company has an excellent online gallery that demonstrates a broad range of residential fence options, making it easy for clients to see just what Red Cedar Fence Company can do for them, both for standard and custom designed fences.

Wooden fences are an attractive addition to a home. However, the peace of mind that a quality wood fence can offer families with children or people with pets is the real value of residential fencing. Our Red Cedar fence, for example, comes in a variety of heights, ranging typically from 4 to 6 feet, though custom wood fence orders for higher or lower heights are common. In addition to offering near perfect visual privacy, a stockade fence of the correct height with not allow dogs to escape by jumping over and there will be no worries about young children climbing over for a bit of un-chaperoned exploration.

In a housing market in which value is perceived to be unsteady, peace of mind takes on a different value, as buyers seeking homes are more interested in the comfort and lifestyle specifics of where they are going live in.